Inclusion Church

The Inclusion Church is an initiative by Janet Foggie, the Pioneer Minister, Stirling, to enable all Christians to worship together in a way that includes everyone. It is based in the student community in Stirling and is open to all who are looking for God’s including love. This is an online community, we have no buildings or premises, and it is one that enables Christians to access worship, fellowship and God’s eternal love in a way that suits you.

The Inclusion Church is an environmentally aware community that values God’s created world. We believe God is in and through everything, a Spirit that is like the wind, blowing through our lives with power and holy love. We believe Jesus was born Son of Humanity and Son of God. He walked the earth in handmade clothes, ate homegrown food and demonstrated to us a life that was grounded in loving community and earthy pragmatism.

Expressions of the love of God for the world can be seen in many ways or forms. There’s two initiatives Janet is involved in at the Stirling Campus, Patches4Peace, a sewing group, and the Student Community Garden where Janet is a fellow volunteer.