Patches 4 Peace

Sewing is a skill which enables. Whether it is mending, making, designing or altering sewing gives us power and control over our clothing, our home furnishings, our individual style. Our group is free and open to all. All the fabric used by Patches 4 Peace has been donated to the group, either by church members, community members, or through the Pioneer Minister. This means our sewing is often up-cycling, sometimes simply using things other people bought but couldn’t use, and sometimes re-purposing an item to give it new life.

As we sew we talk. We talk about our cultures, countries and lives, our faiths, world views and politics. Our families come into the conversations, many of us are in Stirling from other parts of the world, Czech Republic, France, Canada, Brazil, Germany to name but a few.

cutting patches with a rotary cutter

We learn new skills together. As we increase our skills and knowledge so confidence grows and we can take on new and more challenging projects. We also come with a mix of skills and so can discuss and share our ideas, improving all of our projects.

Next semester we are planning to make a quilt to give to Starter Packs in Stirling. We have begun cutting and piecing the squares. Why not come along if you would like to be part of our team sewing Patches 4 Peace in order to piece together a better world?

If you don’t know how to sew don’t worry, or if you would just like to join the chat at first, that’s fine. If you can sew, you might like to take on a big project, or if you haven’t threaded a needle since primary school, there’s simple bags and other projects you can complete to get started.

This year, we went to the Great Tapestry of Scotland, in the Verdant Works, Dundee. It was a great day out and again, food, fellowship and learning were all part of an interesting and engaging day. We certainly felt the struggles we had learning to sew were nothing to the lives of the mill women who worked long shifts for low wages in the jute mill. We have yet to decide where our next outing might be, so if you have a suggestion you can message us on facebook and let us know.

women listening to a presentation
Patches 4 Peace learn about life in a jute mill.