Patches 4 Peace is a sewing group in: The Green and Blue Space.

IMG_4943We meet on Wednesdays from 12 noon to 3pm and all are welcome to come along and chat, have a cuppa and do some sewing. We have several projects lined up or you can choose your own.

We also meet in Chaplaincy on a Thursday from 2pm to 4pm.

You could be a practical sewer, a complete new start or an experienced artist! All are welcome of any skill level. Choose an item of your choice to make up. This could be a banner, a cosplay costume or an item for your room or flat. All materials for this project are free and were kind donations from local people.

Fill out my Contact form or check out the FB page (just hit the link above) if you’d like to get involved. We need volunteers for a variety of jobs with different skills and talents. There’s no need to have ever done sewing before. All are welcome from old-hands to complete beginners.